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Air Force Veteran

McDougle began her aerospace career in the United States Air Force (USAF) where she reached the rank of Sergeant (E-4). She served proudly as an Aerospace Physiology Specialist at Beale Air Force Base, CA 1982-1990. She assisted in high altitude training and performed hazardous duty as an inside observer during hypobaric and hyperbaric chamber operations.

McDougle also inspected and maintained flight equipment used in the SR-71 and U-2/TR-1 reconnaissance aircraft (“spy planes”). The equipment included full pressure suits, survival equipment and oxygen systems. She sized and fitted new aircrew members’ pressure suits, suited them up, and tested them before heading out to the aircraft.  McDougle also loaded the survival seat kits and parachutes into the aircraft and strapped in the crewmembers.

She traveled to several countries including Greece, Korea, Japan, and England, as well as stateside locations, in support of the missions.

During her enlistment, Sgt. Caples (McDougle) was recognized with the Humanitarian Service Medal, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award (2 devices), Air Force Good Conduct Medal (1 oak leaf cluster), Air Force Training Ribbon, NCO Professional Military Education Ribbon, and the Air Force Longevity Service Award.

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